Friday, July 8, 2011

Bodge, i've been thinking about you a lot again lately.
it's little things - the cherry tree we planted around the time you died is in fruit again, and the local pigeons are eyeing it up. i'll soon be getting obsessed with chasing them off, and you'd have enjoyed laughing at me for that.

other things - i just bought a shirt that looks like it's made from deckchair fabric. i gave you such a lot of grief for wearing something similar a few years back - it doesn't seem fair that you're not here to extract some revenge and to hear my admission that actually shirts like that do look ok, really.

the latest failings of the england footy team - plus some minor family football triumphs that we've had here recently - you should be around to share in these things [your dad still talks about when we went to wembley to watch graham taylor's lot struggle against holland, and i love him for that]

if you were here now i'd have bought you the latest elbow album [if you'd not already got it] and be banging on about how great it is.
it's about friendships and reminiscence and fond rememberings, so it's probably not surprising that it leaves me thinking about you.

the last track - 'dear friends' - is maybe most appropriate...
"dear friends
you are angels and drunks
you are magi

old friends
you stuck a pin in the map i was in
you are the stars
i navigate home by"

i miss you mate.