Sunday, February 28, 2010

football and discos...

Mr Hollows was a lovely man. I knew him as he was my teacher in lower juniors about 15 years ago. He was very well respected by the students. In fact, he was like your cool uncle, you wanted to be a good student for him. Mr Hollows was in charge of the school football team which I played for. He was brilliant at motivating the team and consoling us when we lost!

I was able to stay in touch with Mr Hollows after I left John Hampden as he was in charge of organising the school discos which I ran. I remember fondly, as I was setting up at one of the parties, he was showing a new Swedish colleague round the school - Towe! My way of welcoming her was to play Abba's 'Dancing Queen'!

Rest in peace Mr Hollows.

Mark Ansell

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