Monday, May 3, 2010

Teacher Support Network - in memory of Graham

Teacher Support Network (TSN) has recently been in touch about how they plan to use the fund set up in Graham's memory. Graham donated regularly to TSN for 10 years - we don't believe he ever had to use their services but he believed strongly in the need to support teachers in their work. The recent court case of Richard Garner has also highlighted the need to detect and support issues with wellbeing in teachers, and the increasing importance and volume of support provided by the Teacher Support Network.

Using the funds raised in Graham's memory, TSN is launching an online guide to for headteachers to help them look after their own wellbeing and actively facilitate the wellbeing of their staff. You can look at the guide - which is still under development - at the TSN website: by following the links to Lead By Example.

For more information about the Richard Garner case and TSN's role in supporting teachers see

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