Friday, November 20, 2009

a friend forever ('bodge' the lodger) hollows

Well, when you have known someone for 25years and lived with them for 4years you get to know them pretty well. I will miss him. Graham or Bodge (because that was the name stu gave him when he was lodging at the webbs) was fantastic company. I have so many photos of him and in them he is always laughing and smiling. He was good fun to be around.

I lodged with him in the eighties I can remember buying a CD player and we spent the weekend pushing the loading disc in - it was so cool (and very out-of-date now). You knew when there was something serious he needed to say because it would be followed by - do you want a jelly baby? He loved them, there was always a pack around. watching the world cups normally meant a pack of Jelly babies about - so, England - next year at the finals lets put on a show- for bodge please! (I'll bring the jellybabies.

I've spent the last week thinking what he liked and how to thank him for enriching my life. He liked takeaways, so last weekend was curry for Friday and Saturday and this weekend I'm going to get some Jelly babies. When I can learn how to upload the photos I will put them up - there is one with Bodge on the boat (boating trip to Norfolf with the famous four - si, stumps,bodge, Bex) putting his thumb up to a starling sitting next to him and him grinning. there is another with him putting spoons in Bex's pocket on a night out with the crowd for Penny's party.

One of the things I remember was a walk in the lakes, we had got to the top of one of the hills and the view was stunning, we sat there and had some kendal mint cake and he said , "you see that stumps, that view - that's what you see when you have had a tough day a work"......... i know he now has got a great view. Bodge, friend forever.....stumps.

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