Thursday, November 19, 2009

john hampden and euro 96

I’ve been thinking about Graham an awful lot this week.
When I first got to know him (at John Hampden School), it seemed that EVERYONE just loved him…. staff, children (and governors!) alike. He seemed destined for great things career-wise but HE seemed to be the only one who doubted his abilities. He was quite shy and very modest about what he could and/or could not do. There always seemed to be others who were far more pushy than him who seemed to force themselves into the frame when it came to promotions - as a school governor, I can remember feeling incredibly frustrated on his behalf. But, of course, it was just a matter of time before he came into his own.
Graham was incredibly popular with pupils – who seemed to appreciate his gentle approach and his understated sense of humour.
I never EVER heard anyone have a bad word to say about him.
On the sporting front, I really don’t think the group of us who gathered round Graham’s TV during Euro 96 ever got the recognition we deserved for the unfaltering support we gave the England team over those brief summer weeks. Great memories (especially watching the England v Holland game!).
God bless Graham RIP

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  1. happy memories [until the semi-final penalties anyway]

    i think we all shared that frustration that bodge didn't push on in his career.
    but then he met towe and everything fell into place. she really gave him the confidence and self-belief to really push on and make the most of his gifts...