Tuesday, December 1, 2009

john denver

way back when i'd only just met bodge i did that thing that blokes do - going through each others record/tape/cd collections and being very judgemental about what you find in there.

bodge's collection was weird and eclectic, with choral music sitting alongside the pogues and the sex pistols.

the greatest discovery in bodge's cassette drawer though was his john denver tape.
i'm not the biggest fan of john denver's music, and so i took every available opportunity to remind him of that fact and to deride him for owning it. bodge being bodge, he just laughed and played the tape anyway.

now, twenty years on, i'm putting together an audio-visual thing for his memorial...

and one of the tunes that's been chosen for this is of course, a john denver tune...

bodge would be laughing his head off, knowing that i've had to endure 'sunshine on my shoulders' playing over and over - maybe thirty or forty times already - as i try to fit the photos to the soundtrack...

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