Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tribute from Kim Price, Head of Hearing Impairment Department, Stoke Mandeville Combined School

Tribute delivered by Kim at the special school service for Graham on 27th November 2009.

Graham was a man of vision and purpose. He enabled the staff to develop and grow – to bring out the best in us. There are those of us who, without his care and guidance, would not have truly seen our worth or even valued skills that Graham could see within us. For that I will always be deeply grateful.

Graham valued the things that we felt were important to our school – music and singing were as important to him as they are to us. His pride in the children performing at the Albert Hall was tangible.

Graham’s sense of purpose had a lighter side – his lunch box assembly, us not knowing where he was and finding him outside eating his lunch with the children and his Bruce Forsyth “Strictly Come Dancing” routine.
These are the memories he has left with the children – for me it is the privilege to have worked with such a gentle-souled man with vision and purpose.

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